Pinot Nero Venezia Giulia IGP (2015), Bressan – Friuli Venezia Giulia

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Grape : Pinot Noir. 


A Pinot Noir of great value, no doubt atypical and not very varietal, exciting and engaging. Bodied and intense. Eelegant, dry, rich in hints of undergrowth and spices, with strong black pepper notes. In the mouth is overwhelming for minerality and power, seduces the palate with its aristocratic harmony and, at the same time, elegant. Aged in oak barrels. The signature of Fulvio Bressan is a real guarantee of quality and respect for nature: just listen to the courage and the passion with which he tells his wines during tastings to fall in love with his philosophy and his wines. A reference point.


Pairing : Meat or mushroom-based main dishes, Meat or mushroom-based pasta or rice dishes