“MOROPIO” Amarone Classico DOC, Antolini (2018) - Veneto

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Grapes : Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella.

Amarone is produced from grapes traditionally dried on straw mats for about four months away from the wind and rain. Meanwhile, the water evaporates in the berry and only natural substances of grapes remains with a high concentration.
On the nose this wine releases intense and complex notes typical of Amarone. Scents of blackberries, blue berries, cherries, cinnamon, liquorice, coffee, chocolate, tobacco, dried prunes amongst others.We find the same sensations on the palate, warm, velvety, supple, with fine and pleasant tannins and an unending lasting flavour.
Differntly than other Amarones, this one had been aged in different types of wood : oak, mulberry, chestnut and cherry, for at least 12 months, followed by 6 months fining in bottle.

Food pairing : it goes well with game, stewed or braised red meat, grilled meats. Try to drink it alone for a meditative moment.