"IL ROSSO" Calabria IGP, A'vita (2018) - Calabria

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Grapes: Mainly Gaglioppo with little Magliocco.

The "Il Rosso" it's 92% of Gaglioppo mixed with Magliocco from the seaside vineyard, Fego. Magliocco softens Gaglioppo's fierce tannins rendering a red wine that emphasizes fruit on the palate. Unoaked and drinking very well.

 If you are looking for tannins balanced by fresh flowers aromas, crunchy red fruit flavours, and a medium pleasant body ... this is your wine! Full of violet, liquorice, a hint of cinnamon, and pleasant sapidity and a good tannic grip. Maceration in skins for 36 hours, which gives the wine a light red colour.

 Further 24 months in stainless steel only - no wood of any kind used, lead to a fruit-driven "slim" result.


Food pairing: perfect with legume soup and for fatty meat. Especially when you want to pair the meat with a medium-light wine, you don't want to compromise on the common neutralizing effect of tannins and fat.