“Gattaia Rosso” Pinot Nero Toscana IGT, Terre Di Giotto (2015) - Toscana

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Grape: Pinot Noir.


Take a biologist and oenologist who since 2004 carries a consultant in Biodynamic Viticulture all over Italy, who one day in the far 2006 decides to start his project in the high 500-600 m asl hills of Vicchio del Mugello, Province of  Florence, one of the only areas of Tuscany that lack of DOC and has no strong tradition in the cultivation of the vine.

Take this vignaiolo who decides not to plant the classic local grapes, but goes all the way to France and comes back to start a dream: breaking down the ancient barriers between Italy and France, the never-ending wine production competition ... simply planting a french clone of Pinot Noir in Italian terroir.

Take years of hard work, love, expertise, attempts ... to produce nectar with #nocompromise: biodynamics treatments, no chemicals, no filtration, manual harvest and so on. Take all of these and you’ll have a truly unique Pinot Nero.

40 days of maceration with whole bunches in cement tanks, spontaneous fermentation in cement and aged still in cement for the time needed until bottling time. Juicy and crunchy, blood orange, pomegranate, a touch of leather, star aniseed and sweet spices, a hint of liquorice and gripping tannins from the stalks and stems.