EGO VENEZIA GIULIA IGT, Bressan Mastri Vinai (2014) - Friuli

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Grape: Schioppettino + Cabernet Franc


The grapes are handpicked when very mature (almost late-harvested), combined with extended maceration on skins (30 days), the potent grape varieties, and the ageing in French barriques give the final Wine an explosion of concentrated flavours. Symphony of berry perfumes is the overture to musk and peppery bouquet that is evolving gradually to toasted oak, truffle and aromatic wood scents. (each bottle is signed personally by the winemaker). Cult wine made by native grapes and with a secular tradition. Every bottle is and signed by the producer. 


Aged cheeses, Game, Main dishes featuring red meat. 


Located in Farra d’Isonzo, an outpost of the Collio Goriziano, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the BRESSAN winery is quite unique. In today's turbulent ocean of quick industrial fixes and shortcuts, BRESSAN Mastri Vinai is a philosophical lighthouse, and Fulvio Bressan is an unmissable character. 

He is passionate about life and winemaking and lives life on his terms. He is opinionated but at the same time has logical reasons for his viewpoints. 

Fulvio studied in France, Bordeaux, with the director of Margaux, his mentor.

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