“Chimbanta” Romangia IGT (2013), Tenute Dettori - Sardegna

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Grape : Monica.


Born to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the father of Alessandro, Paolo, the “Chimbanta” (which in Sardinian means precisely fifty) is a red wine coming from a vineyard of Monica, one of the oldest native varieties of Sardinia. The results is a deep and expressive wine, perfectly in line with the rest of the production labeled Tenute Dettori. On the nose it expresses hints of myrtle, Mediterranean scrub, dried flowers, ripe red fruit and green cabbage. In mouth is airy, expressive, elegant, with a finish of great persistence. The producer, Alessandro, is a committed biodynamic wine production. Biodynamic, Natural, Sulphite free. 

As all red wines from Dettori, the producer advice to drink them slightly chilled. 


Food Pairings: ideal to accompany main courses of meat, even the very traditional Sardinian “porceddu”.