Barolo “Sori Ginestra” DOCG, Conterno Fantino (2017) - Piemonte

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Grape : Nebbiolo. 


This truly great red D.O.C.G., produced in the heart of Langhe by one of the best companies in the area, has a characteristic bouquet that is both acute and ethereal, reminiscent of fruits of the forest and home-made raspberry jam. It has a full, dry, robust, velvety, austere and well-proportioned taste. This wine is the valued result of the careful and exclusive selection of Nebbiolo variety grapes, which are grown in the historic "Sori Ginestra" vineyard, owned by the company.

The vineyard, which is southerly-facing, is situated 300 meters above sea level in the municipality of Monforte d'Alba. The maceration is a result of contact with the grapeskins in wine-making equipment with rotating blades. The wine is then aged in small oak barrels and refined in the bottles for twelve months.


Food Pairing : This wine is the perfect accompaniment for roasts and braised meat. It is excellent with fondue with truffles and parmesan cheese.