“ALTROVE" Bianco VDT, Walter De Battè N/V - Liguria

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Grapes : Vermentino, Rossese Bianco, Maryanne and Rossane.

ALTROVE meaning “somewhere else”. Straight from the stunning 5 Terre Liguria, where vineyards are cultivated in steep terraces overlooking the sea and where often viticulture is called heroic. This holy juice is made of vermentino, Rossese Bianco, Maryanne and Rossane grapes, mace ration on the skin for 4-5 days, no filtration. An exhilarating explosion of All the aromatic plants of the Mediterranean region, such as Thyme, marjoram, oregano and the sea on all its form, algae and iodine, As long with ripe fruits and mango medlars. Rich, mouth feeling, persistent ... one of Passione Vino most precious gems. Biodynamic.

Food pairing : Grilled Fish, Smoked Fish Appetizers, Pasta-Tomato Fish Sauce, Fish Soup with Tomato, White Meat Stew.