“3518” Garganega Veneto Bianco IGT, Meroni (2018) - Veneto

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Grape : Garganega.

The company, since it was born in 1935, has always produced wines from red berried grapes. In 2015 Carlo wished to realize a product that can enrich his wines offer. He experiments this challenge with the grape “Garganega”. Garganega is a grape peel hard, particularly yellow, almost red when ripe  Thanks to “bâtonnage" technique this  white acquires an increase of the wine’s body sensation and a better development of certain aromas. This operation takes about six months and it consists in keeping suspended the "noble lees" shaking the wine after alcoholic fermentation.

Food pairing : mussels, scallops, lobster, a variety of fish, and grilled poultry. Consider using an herbal base, like chives in butter, to highlight the green notes in the wine.