SOTTOBOSCO IGT Emilia Rosso Bio Frizzante, Ca' de Noci (2020) - Emilia Romagna

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Red Sparkling

Grapes: Lambrusco di Montericco & Grasparossa, Sgavetta, Malbo gentile. 

Blend of indigenous of local grapes varieties. 


Obtained with the method of refermentation in the bottle - ancestral method. Short maceration on the skin overnight. The free-run juice (mosto fiore) is again added to the base wine before bottling. The grapes are macerated for ten days on their skins.

The wine shows notes of mixed berries. Light bubbles. Vinous on the nose, little bit of reduction, savoury more than fruity.

Strongly advised when you're up for a wild experience. 

Do not drink it too cold. 



Pork, cold cuts, raw meat, sausage. 


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