A'Vita ROSATO Calabria IGP (2020) - Calabria

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Discover the allure of 'A Vita' Rosé, a wine crafted from pure Gaglioppo grapes, the quintessential symbol of Calabria. Sourced from vineyards nestled near the sea on clay-limestone soils, these grapes undergo a meticulous process. Harvested at full maturity, they undergo 12 hours of skin maceration in steel tanks, followed by spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts. The resulting wine is aged for several months in steel tanks, presenting a cherry-coloured elixir. Delight in the aromas of wild strawberries and raspberries while the palate revels in its fresh and sapid nature, culminating in a long and mineral finish. Let the A'Vita Rosato enchant you and kindle your love for Calabria.

Rich and robust meat dishes such as beef stews. Braised dishes such as Oxtail, Osso Bucco or Lamb Shanks.