"ROSATO" Calabria IGP, A'Vita (2019) - Calabria

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Grape : Gaglioppo. 

A sip of this wine is a real sip of the sea: Savory and fruity, bright , elegant. It has tones of wild berries both on the nose and on the palate, leading to a spicy-saline finish. Versatile wi th the pairings, it’ll be the passe-partout for all of your meals! Made from Gaglioppo grapes, aromas of the sea with a savoury, lean and crisp palate and a vibrant bright orange tint. The nose is wild, pure and intense, with notes of small wild red fruits, rose and Mediterranean scrub wrap with hints of salt. On the palate : a real sip of the sea: refreshing with fresh red fruit and summer berries.

Food Pairing : Made for summer loving, best matched with fresh tomato recipes and rich seafood dishes.