“VILLA MALACARI” Rosso Conero DOC, Malacari (2017) – Toscana

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This wine is made out of exceptional grapes cultivated in a combination of peculiar limestone and limp soil, plus the unique microclimate of the Conero area.
The incessant sea breezes mitigate the powerful insolations, the ripening of the grapes is perfect and the strong temperature range enhances the aromas of musts. All this gives Montepulciano grapes a unique character, not replicable elsewhere.
The nose tells of Mediterranean scrub, ripe red fruit, nuances of stone and salt. Mouth is full, dried fruits, cedar and spice, lovely texture, delicious wine aged for a year in 20 Hl wooden barrels.

While not the most elegant of food pairings, Montepulciano goes extremely well with meaty pizzas and fatty beef burgers. Other meats that go
 well with this wine include roast pork, beef brisket, and shepherds pie.