"Vigneto Sant'eusanio" Montepulciano DOC, Valle Reale (2018) - Abruzzo

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A small garden of vines set amidst pine woods.

This is Sant’Eusanio: the vineyard situated at 497 m above sea level in the highest zone of all the Valle Reale. It is an uncompromising expression of the mountain Montepulciano and speaks a dynamic lingo of acidity and freshness, in sharp contrast to the dialectics of body and structure found in more traditional wines obtained with the same grapes cultivated in the coastal zone of the region.

Montepulciano Sant'Eusanio is vinified in stainless steel tanks and aged for 1 year in steel containers too. This will enhance the wine's acidity, flavours and aromas, naturally developed thanks to the cold area in which it is produced. Intense mineral nose and slight balsamic aftertaste. The flavour is soft and enveloping with a pleasant sense of freshness.  Biodynamic-Demeter. Natural. Unfiltered. 

Montepulciano will cut through some of the meatiest meats (like beef brisket) and pair nicely alongside rich, roasted winter vegetables. Duck and other game birds, casseroles or, of course, stews.