"DIRUPI” Valtellina Sup. DOCG, Dirupi (2017) - Lombardia

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Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca).

Boutique wine in the Valtellina, an elegant and full-bodied red wine, born from old vines on steep slopes, aged for 18 months in oak barrels. Wide and elegant perfumes and an intense, warm and smooth taste expresse the energy of the Nebbiolo from Alps. Packed with fruits like cherry and plum, this wine gives a immediate pleasure. Well-structured and balanced.

Dirupi's desire, with this Valtellina Superiore Riserva, is to let the grapes speak for themselves.  

Pairs very well with the products of the Valtellina tradition, such as Pizzoccheri, Taragna cornmeal mush, Bresaola salame and Bitto pasture cheese. It is also suitable with stewed or roasted red meat, as well as with the wild game.


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