“RENOSU” Rosso VDT, Tenute Dettori N/V - Sardegna

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Cannonau, Monica, Pascale.

Alessandro Dettori is a natural winemaker crafting wines on the island of Sardegna. His motto is : my wine is only made with grapes. Meaning that he does not use any synthetic chemicals apart from sulphur: no added yeasts, no enzymes, or any other adjuvant either in fermentation or in maturation. The wine is neither filtered, clarified, or barriqued. Ample red fruit and spice on the nose; evocative of Mediterranean scrub and gives way to citrus, plum then hazelnut and licorice. Very intriguing with notes of sweet fruit and savoury herbs. Medium bodied, substantial on the palate, mineral and persistent.

Ideal red wine to accompany second meat dishes. Excellent with roasted pork.

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