Amarone Classico “VELLUTO” DOC – Meroni (2013) - Veneto

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Corvina, Corvinone, Molinara, Rondinella.

The majesty of this outstanding Amarone hits you immediately. A rare example of elegance disguised in wine, a unique and unforgettable sensory experience. 

Firstly the nose : cherry, prune, plum and blueberry fruit along with toast, cinnamon, truffle and game endless layers ...if you close your eyes so to let the real world out ... you will notice that the more you sniff the more you smell, with memories of childhood when eating roasted chestnuts, homemade jam to liquorice rolls. In the mouth is even more incredible :  rich and opulent but the freshness of this nearly 10 year old wine is impressive. Almonds, dried fruit and caramel, infusions of oak,espresso, brown chocolate, plum, blackcurrant. Eternal aftertaste. 

Only 6,000 bottles produced. 

 before anything else to be paired with, this wine is primarily for yourself and your palate
. It's the kind of opulent rich wine with such grace and elegance that can be truly SIP (because you sip such a beauty) on its on, in a meditative moment. Also you can obviously have it with beef, lamb, game (deer, venison) risotto all'amarone and any dish with blue cheese.