Picotendro Castagno, Selve (2015) - Valle D'Aosta

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Grape: Picotendro (local Nebbiolo).

Picotendre Selve is born from one of Italy's most fascinating indigenous grape varieties - Nebbiolo. A unique wine produced in Val d'Aosta.
This wine has a pure, immediate essence but an intense vigour. Reductive notes, dried plums, prunes, concentrated wild red berries, strawberries, a balsamic profound and complex nose fully reflected on the palate. Lively palate with good acidity and balanced, red fruits and pomegranate, fine tannins, sharp and hematic, mineral. Good long finish of subtle spices and dry. The mineral taste conquers your palate with every sip. 
The wine ages in chestnut casks. Unlike oak used for 2016, chestnut casks let the wine micro-oxygenate but don't affect the aromatic profile. - Isabel Biagioni 

Excellent in combination with red meat, game and seasoned cheeses. Also, rich soups!