CHARDONNAY Dolomiti IGT, Vignaiolo Fanti (2018) - Trentino

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In Trentino, the Pressano hill rises in the cradle between the Adige and Avisio rivers In Trentino,in a land historically appreciated for its geological composition, exposure, ventilation and altitude. The same ancient name of Pressano, Pritianum or Persanum, means "the healthiest site, the best choice, the happiest of all the surrounding sites". Pressed and fermented The refinement on the yeast lees last up to 10 months. Hints of fruit, broad and round on the palate, completely dry and with a freshness typical of Trentino whites that makes it long and savory. The bottle adds further evolved and mineral notes.

Chardonnay from Trentino is very versatile. You can start to taste it with an appetizer and then continue with a risotto, a fish soup, a second of both fish and meat (white). If aged, we can accompany it to a not too aged cheese.