TUARASI DOC Sant'Eustachio, Boccella (2017) - Campania

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Grape: Aglianico. 

Aglianico grape is full-body, tannic and has high acidity, endowing them with good ageing potential.


The Wine: A wine with a distinct balsamic imprint, spicy with notes of white pepper, liquorice and cocoa berry. The fruity tones recall the black cherry, small berries and, with the subsequent ageing, emphasize the floral hints of violet and raisin rose, chocolate and plums. 


Food Pairing: Due to its robust structure, this is the perfect wine for high-intensity food. Great with barbecue sauce and grilled meat dishes, the tannins are great for high-fat content to absorb the astringency given by the tannins + acidity. 

The Winery: A tiny organic vineyard of just 3 ha in Avellino province, in the municipality of Sant'Eusachio. Exceptional altitude, 600 m above the sea level and exceptionally ungrafted vines of 50+ years old. Organic practices and minimal intervention. 


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