TREBULANUM Casavecchia di Pontelatone DOC, Alois (2010) - Campania

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Grape: Casavecchia.

Trebulanum is the name of the Casavecchia grape in ancient times, and it's, without doubt, one of Italy's most historic varieties.

Alois winery makes one of the best, powerful and magnificent representations of how elegant yet powerful this grape can be.

Trebolanum is a huge wine. Captivating, complex nose of prunes, rosemary, pine needles, balsamic vinegar, forest floor. In the mouth, the wine is dry, with cloves, chocolate black fruit and a touch of bright sourness from the mixed volcanic soil present in the area.

24 months in small Italian botti and 24 months of ageing in the bottle. Before releasing this wine is kept four years on the side.


Food pairing: a big wine that needs big food. Perfect for wintertime.