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This box is for all the ones who want to treat themselves or someone else. 

Barolo is today one of the best red wines in the entire world, and it's been always defined as "THE KING OF WINES, THE WINE OF KINGS".

Do Barolo wines taste all the same? Absolutely not

Many things play in such diversity - the first being the soil followed by the winemaker choices. 

We selected one Barolos from each of the 6 Barolo producers we import the wine from - with this box. 

The box comes with some info, curiosities and a bit of history about the wine written by our sommelier Isabel. 


Barolo RIserva Del Fico DOCG (2013) - E. Molino (La Morra) 

Barolo Ravera Di Monforte DOCG (2017) - Pietro Benevelli (Monforte d’Alba) 

Barolo DOCG (2017) - Eraldo Viberti (La Morra) 

Barolo Mantoetto DOCG (2017) - Umberto Fracassi (Cherasco) 

Barolo “Perno” DOCG (2016) - Elio Sandri (Monforte d’Alba) 

Barolo “Viga del Gris” (2017) - Conterno Fantino (Monforte d’Alba) 

If you have any questions about this box or you would like to discuss anything please email or contact her through the live chat available on this website.