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Did you know that pink will be the New Trend? Let go of preconceptions, and forget the pale boring roses! We got a proper "pink starter pack", from the north to the south, from big to mild, from funky to elegant. 

For every occasion and every palate. 
Go ahead! You'lle never know what could be on the other side! 


Rosato Calabria IGP, 'Avita (2020) - Calabria
“RoseSelavy” Rosato Terre Siciliane IGP, Pianogrillo (2020) - Sicilia 
Sassi Rosato Abruzzo VDT, Sassi N/V - Abruzzo 
“Alnus” Etna Rosato DOC, I Custodi (2020) - Sicilia 
Nebbiolo Rosato Alpi Retiche IGT, Dirupi (2020) - Piemonte 
“Il Brutto Anatroccolo”, Il Torchio (2020), Liguria