Memories of Sicily

Memories of Sicily

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According to legend, it was Dionysus (aka Bacchus) who brought pleasure to mankind, and wine to Sicily.
Legend aside, it is certain that wine has been made in Sicily for millennia. There is evidence that Mycenaean traders cultivated grapes in the Aeolian Islands as early at 1,500 BC and when the Greeks began to settle in Sicily in the 8th century BC, they too were unable to forgot their favourite libation, "oinos", and introduced several varieties of vines.
For most of the 20th century, Sicily continued to produce enormous quantities of grapes, most of which, however, were exported to be added to wine made elsewhere in Italy.

Over the last 30 years, however, Sicily's wine culture has changed dramatically, some of Italy’s finest wines are now being made in Sicily, and a new generation of Sicilian producers are realising the full potential of the island’s enviable climate, its autochthonous grape varieties and its fertile soil. At the same time, prestigious winemakers from around the world are buying land, planting vines and creating fabulous wines, particularly on Mount Etna, which has been nicknamed the new Bourgogne.

A wine from the impressive Volcano couldn't be missed in our Selection, along with a white from the southern part of the region - Chiaramonte Gulfi in the Ragusa province.

Grecanico Terre Siciliane IGT, Pianogrillo (2017) 
100% Grecanico
Sicily is home to some of the nicest, crispest, freshest and fruitiest white wines in the world. Grecanico is an ancient variety which is known by many other names, most popular as Garganega di Soave, the most planted grape variety in the Veneto Region.
The scent is immediately influenced by evident notes of white fruit, apple, pear, pineapple, tropical fruits and bitter almond. The taste is warm, enriched by a soft and quite savory and flinty structure, fresh and balanced.

PISTUS - I Custodi (2016)
Vines rooted on sandy and volcanic soils, rich in minerals and positioned on the northern side of Etna at 650 m above sea level.
Etna Rosso "Pistus" is a red wine of medium intensity and structure, aged for 9 months in cment tanks. With a ruby red in color, the nose appears straightforward, fruity, with crispy red fruit notes and balsamic hints. The taste is fresh, balanced, with a pleasant fruity finish.

100g Salamino Piccante
150g Olives Bella di Cerignola
150g Almonds