“El Gat Ros” Vino Rosso, Carolina Gatti N/V - Veneto

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Grape : Cabernet Sauvignon .


"El Gat Ros" by Carolina Gatti is an atypical, unconventional and critical Cabernet Sauvignon, just like the winemaker who conceived and cultivated it.

Produced in the Piave area from vines grown with the traditional "bellussera", a local breeding system in danger of extinction, this red stands out in the wine making area for its low alcohol content, lightness and rusticity. The nose offers notes of jam, red fruit and black pepper and on the palate is round and juicy with a beautiful energy.

Expect funkiness :) Natural, unfiltered, unrefined, uncompromised. 


Food Pairing : Hare, wild boar, portobello mushrooms, stew.