"Dettori Bianco" Badde Nigolosu IGP, Dettori (2018) - Sardegna

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Grape: Vermentino.


Alessandro Dettori is one of Italy’s most renowned natural winemakers. In his own words:

I do not follow the market; I make wines that please me, wine of my own local area, wines of Sennori. The grapes are de-stemmed but not crushed, then the must macerates on the skins in cement vats without the addition of any SO2. In our winemaking, we do not make any use of any synthetic chemicals apart from sulphur: no added yeasts, no enzymes, or any other adjuvant either in fermentation or in maturation. The wine is neither filtered, clarified or barriqued. Give time to rest after shipping. Leave in to oxygenate in the glass. Sediments and CO2 are natural. Every bottle can be different. We do not use international grape varieties to smooth out our wines."

Dettori Bianco is produced from Vermentino in purity and represents the essence and authenticity of the fascinating Sardinian land. The nose is a rampage of aromas of valuable complexity and a depth ranging from dried figs to toasted almonds, with the most powerful being pear Williams. In the mouth it has matter and class, surprising for the taste persistence, with a swaggering ripe apple flavour and a subtle little fizziness. Light oxidative notes.


Food pairing : Fregola pasta with shellfish and tomato sauce, any grilled vegetables, fish and chips.