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Valtellina is an Alpine Valley of rare beauty in Northern Lombardy, just a few miles from the Swiss border. This is one of the most dramatic vineyard landscapes in the world and the whole area is covered with picturesque terraces creating a breathtaking view of one of the most charming and no-by-chance called “heroic” wine making zones.

Producing of wine here dates back from over 2000 years. The wines have always been interesting, and of late there's a small group of very promising younger winemakers who are doing great things. Actually, it's fair to say that it's already a great thing that a new generation is willing to take on the hard work - the VERY hard work - of farming in this challenging place.

Today, in the wine world, Valtellina is known for its bright, cherry-scented wines made from the Nebbiolo grape variety, known here as Chiavennasca (after the nearby town of Chiavenna). Good acidity, lower alcohol, reflecting the cooler climate : a Nebbiolo from the mountains approachable on earlier stages than the big brother from Langhe, but has almost the same ageing potential.

For this DUO I've put together what we consider the 2 most interesting producers from Valtellina : the Team Dirupi (2 friends Faso & Birba) and Marco Fay who has taken over his dad's winery.
They're friends, they constantly help each others sharing tips, winemaking advices and no doubt : WINE!

The Dirupi Team are definitely among the most talented, young and spontaneously crazy members of Passione Vino’s Family. MARCO FAY, the other pillar of Valtellina, a perfectionist, a mountaineer, a visionary, a traditionalist, an hard worker an genuine winemaker who is so far the best ambassador Valtellina could have ever dreamed of, and the man who inspired a new generation of young guys!


Fresh and lively example of Chiavennasca with a beautiful fruity and floral nose, in the mouth has a great persistence well balanced with with smooth and elegant tannins. Perfect also slightly chilled in a hot day !! Be careful : it can be addictive :)

"IL GLICINE" '17 Valtellina Superiore DOCG SASSELLA 

With the red colour turning to a burnt orange, Il Glicine from Sandro Fay has all the hallmarks of a top flight Nebbiolo. It offers a full range of aromas from blueberries, cherries and blackberries through to chocolate, coffee and black pepper. You will not be disappointed with the smooth, velvety taste, soft tannins, good acidity and hints of strawberry and cranberry. Aged for 12 months in 500 lt oak barrel.