THE NEW TREND - Bold Roses, Light Reds.

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Light reds or full-bodied roses are the future in the next wine lists in 2022- according to Luca Dusi. 


Whites, bold reds and light roses are strongly linked to seasonality and are considered more like a "drink" than wines: hot weather and sunny days = refreshing drink, white wine, light roses and cold weather big, bold reds. 

Then we have oranges. Orange wines have slowly become the MUST-DRINK. We all know that when something is too trendy, the natural flow is to create and look for ... a new trend

Bold roses or light reds - which are basically very similar - are very versatile. 

The full-bodied roses or light reds are perfect for those who don't want to drink big reds and can easily pair with a broad range of food. When consumed chilled, the tannins are enhanced (and they become a perfect match with meat). When drunk at room temperature, they get softer and rounder and are excellent with spicy food or just on their own. 



“Riflesso” IGT Rosato 2019 - Eugenio Rosi (Trentino Alto Adige) 

Aleato Vino Rosato (2020) - I Mandorli (Toscana)

Frappato Terre Siciliane IGT (2020), Pianogrillo (Sicily)

Ole’ Rosso di Valtellina DOC (2019), Dirupi (Lombardia) 

“Il Velluto” Valpolicella Classico DOC (2019), Meroni (Veneto)