Cloudy Obsession

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In Passione, we are literally obsessed by fizzy boozes. 

This time we have decided to put together a box with 6 of our most enjoyed and drank bottle-fermented wines.

Bottle fermenting is a (very ancient) technique used to make sparkling wines in the most natural way possible. It simply consists of letting the wine ferment in a closed bottle to have all the CO2 (which is nothing else than a by-product of the alcoholic fermentation) trapped inside the bottle.
Voilà ... a sparkling wine is born.
With this specific style, bubbles are gentle and soft, and the wine usually is "cloudy". As everything occurs inside the bottle, there is neither filtration nor clarification.

Pick this box if you like surprises or you would like to surprise someone. Wines are very different in colour and styles, but they all have common denominators: they are made with the above explained "Ancestral Method", and of course they are utterly delicious!!

The box contains:


  • "Sottoriva Col Fondo" Malibran - Glera (Veneto) 
  • "Brutto" Aldo Viola - Cataratto (Sicily) 
  • "Radice" Paltrinieri - Lambrusco di Sorbara (Emilia) 
  • "In Fermento" Accadia - Indigenous varieties red & white (Marche) 
  • "Solco" Paltrinieri - Lambrusco Salamino (Emilia) 
  • "Banco" Paltrinieri - Malvasia 

+ 1 "Cloudy" cap (please add a message if you have preferences in terms of colours: Blue or Bordeaux) 

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