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Finally, March has arrived and with it, the sunshine, the springtime, the blossoming perfume and most importantly march is the month when we celebrate our mothers and the ladies and the women in our family and in our lives. 


For this month in Passione Vino, we have decided to organise a selection of 6 wines made exclusively by women winemakers. 



GAVI DOCG, La Raia (2018) - Piedmont (Cortese)- White 

LUGANA DOC, Ca' Lojera (2019) - Lombardia (Torbiana di Lugana) - White

SANTA CHIARA IGP, Terre Nobili (2019) - Calabria (Greco) - White

KÈRMES DOC - Evelyn Accadia (2016) - Marche (Montepulciano, Sangiovese) - Red

VIGNA AL MARE Toscana IGT. I Mansorli (2019) - Toscana (Sangiovese) - Red 

“PODERE DELLA FILANDRA" Chianti DOCG, Buccianera (2019) - Toscana - Red