Bubble Bonanza

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The sparkling box is designed to offer a dive into the spectrum of different bubbles available in Passione Vino. 

Bubbles can indeed be very different, not only flavour wise but also in the winemaking techniques used to produce them and the type of bubbles (called perlage) - e.g. very sparkling, gently fizzy and so on ... 



- Franciacorta “Saten” La Montina (N/V) - The Classic one (100% Chardonnay) 

- Tanni Pas Dosè Blanc de Blancs Classic Method (2015)- The Unexpected one (100% Chardonnay) 

- “InFermento” Naturale Movimento IGT Accadia (N/V)- The Fruity one (local varietesblend of whites and reds) 

- “Sottoriva” Col FOndo Agricolo (2019), Malibran - The Cloudy dry one (100% Glera)

- “Con Fondo” Rosato IGT,  Bucianera (2020)- (100% CIliegiolo) The wild one

- “Solco” Lambrusco dell’Emilia IGT, Paltrinieri N/V - The sexy one (100% Lambrusco Salamino)