DORICO - OLIO EXTRA VERGINE DI OLIVA Azienda Agricola Rivale - Puglia 0.75cl

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Olives : Leccino.


Extra Virgin Puglia Olive Oil, the foundation of the Mediterranean diet, is used basically in each and every recipe of Puglia, playing a prime role amongst all ingredients. Produced from massive secular olive trees, it gives flavour to typical antipasti, first and second dishes, side dishes and even to desserts.


Pugliese olive trees represent millennia of more than just extra virgin olive oil production—they embody the lifeblood of a region. The oil is produced from the wonderful Leccino varieties which are cultivated under strictly controlled organic farming methods.


The freshly harvested olives are cold pressed in an ancient mill still using stone presses. The result is a quality organic oil with a lovely fresh and intense fruit taste with a hint of spice, a intense piquant aftertaste and a bold rich body.