Cooking Pasta the Italian Way

Cooking Pasta the Italian Way

By Luca Dusi

Cooking Pasta the Italian Way

Fusilli Tomato & Parmesan

Egg Fusilli with the most tasty tomato sauce ready-to-use,  we've ever tried, Salsa Pianogrillo is naturally sweet, with no added sugar. Made with nothing but Sicilian cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and basil, bottled without preservatives in distinctive beer bottles. Available in the survival kit or on its own. Just add the parmisan and some fresh basil !




Linguine Al Pesto

Egg pasta linguine with the original Pesto alla Genovese : basil, pecorino, parmesan and pinenuts ... plus an addition of extra parmesan. All the ingredients just ready to use at home, delivered by Passione Vino.



Rigatoni Amatriciana 

Traditional pasta from Lazio region, and ever-present in Rome, The Eternal City. Simple and full of flavours, it combines Guanciale (cured pork belly) along with tomato sauce and pecorino cheese. Not to be missed. 



Tortelli Ricotta e Spinaci

The combination of spinach and ricotta cheese is a romance that has lasted for years, perhaps one of the most successful marriages in the history of the Italian cuisine, and definitely what every single grandma and mums used to home make in Emilia Romagna until just a few years ago. From a special local recipe, this filled pasta is easy to cook and impossible to forget. 



Wild Boar Ravioli 

Emilia Romagna, Lombardia and Toscana share with no doubt the love for this iconic dish. Free range wild boar meat filling meets the carefully and lovely made egg pasta with an old grandma recipe, for an explosion of flavours.